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Our Casting Policy


  • We are committed to ensuring the safety of all who audition for Brunton Casting.


  • All Brunton Casting personnel are DBS approved.


  • We commit to providing audition outcomes to all who audition for Brunton Casting. We will provide this information once casting decisions have been finalised.


  • Brunton Casting is committed to diversity in casting. We pride ourselves on constantly searching for the widest range of talent regardless of race or background.


  • Brunton Casting treat all people equally, irrespective of; Age, Sex, Disability, Race, Gender Reassignment, Marriage/Civil Partnership, Religion of Belief, Sexual Orientation and Re-orientation, Pregnancy and Maternity.

Data Protection

  • The only data collected by Brunton Casting will be necessary for the casting process and deleted at the earliest opportunity.


  • If you are under 18, please ensure that you obtain your parent/guardian’s consent before providing personal information to Brunton Casting.


  • All hard copy audition forms and headshots will be shredded after the auditions have taken place and offers have been made.


  • Any data sent to personnel attached to productions (producers, company managers chaperones, tutors,) will be responsible for destroying such data. Brunton Casting will not be held liable for their failure to do so.

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